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4 Practical Tips for Professional Moms

Who said moms can’t do it all? In my book, they’re the most efficient managers because they’re able to exercise a fair degree of control over children even as they take charge of all the hundred and one things that demand their attention around the home; they’re able to cook and clean as efficiently as they manage budgets; and they do a good job of balancing their chores on the home front and their responsibilities at the office. Well, most moms that is! And if you’re among those who wonder how the super-moms are able to work miracles while you struggle to cope with work, family and the home, read on for a few practical business tips that are sure to help busy moms:

  • Plan ahead, and have a couple of backup plans as well. This is especially important if you have kids who are not old enough to take care of themselves and your babysitter cancels on you at the last minute just as you’re running late for an important meeting. Unless you have a few alternative child-minders lined up, you’re going to stress out and miss your meeting. Remember that even the best of plans can go wrong, so plan for adequate backup as well.
  • Don’t carry the office home with you and vice versa: When you want both a career and a family, you must be able to compartmentalize if you are to make a success of both. So set times for work and family, and stick to them. If you make a habit of procrastinating at work, you’re going to eat into your time with your family in an effort to meet deadlines. To achieve a balance between work and home, don’t take on more work than you can handle, and teach your children from an early age to understand that mommy’s work time must not be disturbed.
  • Look after your health: Before you start to complain that you have no time to exercise, remember that without health, you can neither work nor look after your family. So even if you have to wake up an hour early to do so, get some exercise into your day. Eat healthy food, and find ways to beat stress and burnout.
  • Set aside some “me time”: I work from home, and because my office is just a cubbyhole off the living room, I tend to be surrounded by noise (my kids playing, the sound of the television, the hum of the dryer and the dishwasher, and so on). While I’ve learned to shut it out and concentrate on work, I do appreciate my Sunday afternoons when my husband takes my kids out for an ice cream and I’m left all alone at home for a couple of hours. I enjoy the solitude, the silence, and the satisfaction of doing just about anything I want to. “Me time” is a must for busy, professional moms if you want to avoid becoming a victim of stress.