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More Than a Mouthful: 25 of the World’s Largest Foods

We’ve all heard of super-sizing, but did you know that there is an entire practice to making the world’s largest food? Often documented by the wage settlers at Guinness World Records, making the biggest food will not only get you a great meal or ten but a shot at immortality via their print and web publications.

To save the time of flipping pages or running searches, simply click on one or all of the below 25 of the world’s largest foods. They may include some of your old-fashioned favorites, along with a few of the rarest and sizeable entries in culinary history.

World’s Largest Fast Foods

Love the taste, hate the fat, and marvel at these foods whose calorie content makes them practically illegal.

1. World’s Largest Burger Go beyond the Mac Attack with this humongous hamburger. In an entry from the Malle’s Sports Bar in Michigan, this 134 pound burger is topped with the obligatory cheese, bacon, and loads more. Even the bun itself weighs in at 50 pounds.

2. World’s Largest Pizza Although most pizzas are measured in diameter inches, you would actually need a case of measuring tapes to clock in this one. Iowa Falls is the home of the world’s largest pizza with a record 129 by 92 foot measurement. It houses over 700 pounds of sauce, 4,000 pounds of cheese, and 9,500 sections of crust.

3. World’s Largest Deliverable Pizza The ultimate in Bring Me food, who goes out for pizza anymore? If you are a resident of Los Angeles, you don’t even have to leave your home to check out the world’s largest deliverable pizza. It measures 54 by 54 inches and is 2,916 square inches. With a price tag of only $199.99 per plain pizza, it is only a mere $29.99 to add extra cheese to it.

4. World’s Largest Hot Dog The United States is known as the hot dog king, but it is not home to the world’s largest hot dog. It actually lays a tad south in Monterrey, Mexico and sets the record at 76.23 meters or 250 feet in American speak. It broke the previous record of 61 meters, aka 200 feet, set in Japan.

world’s largest donut

5. World’s Largest Donut If you’ve ever eaten a dozen donuts all by yourself, this is the food for you. It took 40 people over nine hours to make the largest donut which weighs 3.5 tons or the equivalent of two rhinoceroses. It was made at a Donut King from 90,000 regular sized donuts.

6. World’s Largest Potato Chip This entry takes the whole “you can’t eat just one” thing to a whole new level. The world’s largest chip is a Pringle measuring at 25 by 14 inches and weighs in at 5.4 ounces or 80 times that of a regular chip. What will this one indulgence cost your diet? A mere 920 calories.

7. World’s Largest French Fry Ever dig in your plastic of container hoping for a really long fry? So did Hannah Odom of South Carolina when she went to her local Arby’s. The fry there – not intentionally made to be large like the above – clocked in at almost 24 inches long. A previously large French fry, only 6.75 inches, actually sold on eBay for $200.

8. World’s Largest Taco Unlike hot dogs, it is no surprise that the world’s largest taco was made in Mexico. Measuring 40.9 meters long, it was made of pork, pineapple, beef, chicken, and rice. Extra bonus: it also has beans.

World’s Largest Produce

Those who were told to “eat all their vegetables” never quite had an offering like these before.

    9. World’s Largest Pumpkin One of nature’s naturally largest foods, it can be common to run into one that weighs dozens of pounds. However, this pumpkin shatters any expectations weighing in at 1,810 pounds. Chris Stevens of Wisconsin brought it to the local harvest fest and holds the current record.

10. World’s Largest Watermelon Those who buy one at the grocery store often find themselves making the one trip from the trunk to the kitchen for these large melons. However, those who carried the world’s largest watermelon were required to have loads more manpower. From the Hope Farm Store in Arkansas, it weighed over 268 pounds, or more than most people.

11. World’s Largest Cabbage Not just an entry for basing a popular doll on, cabbages can weigh more than the people they are supposed to feed. In the 2009 Alaska State Fair, the world’s largest cabbage weighed in at 125.9 pounds. The head measured 21 inches across, and the leaves spanned five feet.

12. World’s Largest Marrow In a “what is that entry,” this is a vegetable that is related to pumpkin, squash, and melon. However, the largest one weighed in at 113 pounds at needed two men to carry it to be recorded for Guinness. Ken Dade of Norfolk holds the record.

13. World’s Largest Potato Peter Glazebrook of Northampton, UK holds this record. The massive spud weighs in at eight pounds, four ounces, which broke the previous record by nine ounces. He also held the world record for world’s longest carrot at 17 feet.

14. World’s Largest Tomato Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? With the record setting seven pound, twelve ounce entry, it actually weighs as much as a newborn baby. Grown by Gordon Graham of Oklahoma, the record for longest tomato vine at 53 feet was also set.

15. World’s Largest Melon A group of Indonesian farmers from the main island of Java have grown a melon weighing more than four kilograms. A honey globe melon, it sold for nearly $1,000 at auction.

16. World’s Largest Cucumber Assuming the entry is valid, this by and far the largest cucumber on the planet. It is five feet, seven inches tall, making it higher than most American women. It was grown by a Chinese farmer named Akele Hi.

Other World’s Largest Foods

These foods fall into a category of their own.

    17. World’s Largest Banana Split Even a regular sized banana split can be hard to finish on your own. Now imagine taking on the officially largest one made in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. It contained 2,500 gallons of ice cream, 33,000 bananas, 600 pounds of chopped nuts, and 450 gallons of topping. Even those who attempted to walk alongside it had to endure a 4.5 mile walk.

18. World’s Largest Ice Cream Lactose intolerant individuals should skip this one. Slashfood includes many facts about ice cream including the largest sundae, made in Alberta, Canada which weighed nearly 55,000 pounds. Other tidbits include the largest ice cream sandwich at 2,500 pounds and largest ice cream cake at 12,096 pounds.

19. World’s Biggest Pie It isn’t apple, and it wasn’t made in America. The world’s largest pie was made in South Africa from pumpkin. It weighed in at 1.15 tons and took two days to make.

20. World’s Largest Glass of OJ The Florida Department of Citrus and Orange Man introduced the world’s largest orange juice glass. It stood eight feet tall and held more than 730 gallons of orange juice. This was all done in support of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week.

21. World’s Largest Coffee This entry goes way beyond anything found at Starbucks. Ryan Abood and his crew showcased the largest coffee at 2,010 gallons in celebration of the year it was entered. It shattered the previous record of a mere 911 gallons.

22. World’s Largest Soup Got a few thousand friends that love soup? Then bring them to Romania for a 1,332 gallon goulash. It housed a half ton of onions, 400 pounds of dried pasado chiles, and loads of beef.

23. World’s Largest Cheese Displayed in New York in 2007, this was the world’s largest cheese wheel. It weighed 1,323 pounds and was comprised of Gouda. Even though it was estimated to be worth over $15,000, the CEO decided not to sell it.

24. World’s Largest Salad On a list with burgers, pizza, and donuts, you know we just had to include a salad for caloric purposes. The home of the world’s largest salad is Pulpi, Spain. It took 20 chefs to prepare this 6,700 kilogram salad which contained lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and olives. Apparently, dressing was on the side.

25. World’s Largest Wedding Cake Every bride dreams of the ideal wedding cake, but how many dream this big? The world’s largest wedding cake was unveiled at the New England Bridal Showcase and weighed 15,032 pounds. With seven tiers, it broke down into 10,000 pounds of cake and the rest coming in as icing. Perfect for those looking to feed 59,000 guests in one cake.

If looking for more of the world’s largest foods, check out the Guinness Records site itself as it is constantly updated with new entries. There are also many blogs such as World’s Largest Things which specialize in the exceptionally large.

4 Practical Tips for Professional Moms

Who said moms can’t do it all? In my book, they’re the most efficient managers because they’re able to exercise a fair degree of control over children even as they take charge of all the hundred and one things that demand their attention around the home; they’re able to cook and clean as efficiently as they manage budgets; and they do a good job of balancing their chores on the home front and their responsibilities at the office. Well, most moms that is! And if you’re among those who wonder how the super-moms are able to work miracles while you struggle to cope with work, family and the home, read on for a few practical business tips that are sure to help busy moms:

  • Plan ahead, and have a couple of backup plans as well. This is especially important if you have kids who are not old enough to take care of themselves and your babysitter cancels on you at the last minute just as you’re running late for an important meeting. Unless you have a few alternative child-minders lined up, you’re going to stress out and miss your meeting. Remember that even the best of plans can go wrong, so plan for adequate backup as well.
  • Don’t carry the office home with you and vice versa: When you want both a career and a family, you must be able to compartmentalize if you are to make a success of both. So set times for work and family, and stick to them. If you make a habit of procrastinating at work, you’re going to eat into your time with your family in an effort to meet deadlines. To achieve a balance between work and home, don’t take on more work than you can handle, and teach your children from an early age to understand that mommy’s work time must not be disturbed.
  • Look after your health: Before you start to complain that you have no time to exercise, remember that without health, you can neither work nor look after your family. So even if you have to wake up an hour early to do so, get some exercise into your day. Eat healthy food, and find ways to beat stress and burnout.
  • Set aside some “me time”: I work from home, and because my office is just a cubbyhole off the living room, I tend to be surrounded by noise (my kids playing, the sound of the television, the hum of the dryer and the dishwasher, and so on). While I’ve learned to shut it out and concentrate on work, I do appreciate my Sunday afternoons when my husband takes my kids out for an ice cream and I’m left all alone at home for a couple of hours. I enjoy the solitude, the silence, and the satisfaction of doing just about anything I want to. “Me time” is a must for busy, professional moms if you want to avoid becoming a victim of stress.

How DCs Benefit from a Counseling Degree

There’s no doubting the fact that chiropractic care is beneficial for many people suffering from unexplained aches and pains; it not only helps relieve and alleviate pain, it also helps boost the quality of their lives. Chiropractors work in tandem with their patients to first analyze what is wrong with them and then to provide the necessary care over a period of time. Most chiropractors also offer follow-up care to enable the patient to avoid the recurrence of similar problems and the origination of new ones. Most chiropractic health issues are linked to a poor diet that lacks nutrition and the absence of exercise in a patient’s life. Some problems may be caused by accidents or other kinds of trauma, but for the most part, they can be corrected by introducing significant lifestyle changes. This is where a counseling degree can help in a chiropractor’s practice – when a chiropractor is a licensed counselor, he or she is more capable of dealing with the psychological issues that relate to various health and musculoskeletal disorders. Counseling degrees benefit chiropractic doctors (DC) by:
  • Helping them to identify and analyze the problems that plague their patients and which are directly or indirectly responsible for their pain and discomfort.
  • Providing them with a solid foundation that they can use to counsel their patients about the need for a healthier lifestyle that includes more exercise and a nutritional diet.
  • Adding a degree of respectability to their counseling efforts – it’s a psychological aspect, but patients tend to respond more favorably to counseling when they know that the practitioner is a trained counselor.
  • Making them more knowledgeable about the finer aspects of counseling.
  • Adding more value to the treatment and therapy they give their patients.
  • Allowing them to provide both physical and mental care, both of which complement each other to boost the overall wellbeing of their patient.
Chiropractors can choose to pursue one of the following graduate programs in counseling or psychology – an MA (Master of Arts) or an MS (Master of Science). Both are similar except that the former requires a thesis and the latter does not. They can choose to study online instead of taking time off from their practice to attend college full-time. Counseling in a chiropractic setting involves:
  • Helping the patient resolve normal problems in their lives – the term “counseling” does not imply that they suffer from mental health problems.
  • Interacting with the patient to help them make decisions and choices that change their lifestyle from a sedentary mode to one that more active.
  • Helping the patient make conscious and rational decisions that improve the quality of their health, and so their life.
Most DCs take on the role of counselor even without a degree; a master’s degree is worth their time and effort because it adds to their qualifications and boosts their expertise in the subject.

Top 50 Camping Blogs

Camping is a way for friends and family to bond without breaking the budget. Getting your family in touch with the great outdoors will help them get to know their home soil and appreciate nature. Whether you’re hitting the road in the family station wagon or the family camper, these top camping blogs will prep you for the ride and give you tips on what to do once you get there. Top Camping Blogs If you’re a newcomer to the world of camping or if you’re an old timer who needs new tips on grounds to check out, these camping blogs will show you the way.
    1. Camping Earth This camping site only updates once in awhile, but the archived posts are perfect for those who need new camping ideas. It also gives you the skinny on what to pack for a cold weather camping trip. 2. The Camping Guy The Camping Guy gives you all of the tips you can use for your adventure into the great outdoors. While some of the travel advice is basic, the majority of it is exclusive to camping and will help out those who haven’t been on a trek since they were kids. 3. Camping Tourist Even if you’re a seasoned camper, this site will give you tips on trails and new campgrounds you may have yet to discover. It also frequently reviews camping gear, which is helpful for those who camp enough to make an investment in higher-priced items. 4. Joy of Camping If you think your kids won’t take to camping because they’re normally texting all day, think again. This blog shows you how to orchestrate a fun family adventure into the woods and keep the kids entertained for days at a time (sans phones!). 5. Great Wild Outdoors This blog not only discusses camping, but also all of the awesome activities you can do while outside. Whether it’s hiking, hunting or kayaking that tickles your fancy, you can find out more on how to perfect your skills at this site. 6. My Favorite Camping Store This blog for this online camping goods store is fantastic for keeping up with camping news from around the web and checking out new products that will make your camping trip a little easier. 7. Family Campman This is one of our favorite camping blogs because it’s penned by an everyday dad who is making the effort to make the outdoors more accessible to his kids. Check out product reviews and get tips for making your camping trip a memorable event for the entire family. 8. Camping with Suzy At this site you’ll learn about national parks throughout the U.S. and gain valuable cooking tips that will make your meals all the merrier while hanging out in the forest. 9. Camping Advice Blog For those who camp in harsh conditions or are hiking major trails, a bit of advice can be sought at this blog. Learn how to prepare for the worst and what to do when you find yourself in a crunch situation with little aid. 10. Camping Blogger This blog is especially helpful because it shows you how to make time for the great outdoors and provides ideas on how to get your family on board for a trip into the woods overnight. 11. Forever Camping Blog Check out this camping blog for gear reviews, delicious on-the-go recipes and checklists of the essentials you need for traveling outdoors. This is a prime site for newbie campers to read before heading out. 12. Outdoorzy This is the site where those who love nature connect. You’ll find travel reviews to find out what campgrounds are best for your family or travel group and read reviews of camping gear posted by real people who’ve put the items to the test. 13. Practically Camping Technology has made camping far easier, even if you’re”roughing it” with your solar lamp. This is the blog to read when you want to check out new, innovative products for camping that will not only wow other camp go-ers, but also make the experience stress-free 14. That’s Camping Those camping in the Northeastern United States will appreciate this blog, which reviews various parks and campgrounds throughout the region. It also talks traffic conditions for holidays and transportation options for city dwellers. 15. CEJ Camping The guys who write this camping blog can be considered experts in the subject. They write about each of their camping adventures in various regions and also teach you how to pack accordingly for backpacking trips and hiking.
Top RV/Camper Traveling Blogs If you’re headed out in style, these blogs will show you how the handle the beast if it’s your first time driving something of that size and how to gauge pit stops so you arrive safely.
    16. Go Camping America This site is aimed at all campers, but focuses on those rolling in an RV. The blog has plenty of quick and easy recipes you can whip up with limited ingredients and cooking tools. 17. Woodall’s Family Camping Blog This blog is for families who are camping in an RV and has tips for buying food while on the road and the essential items you need for going on a long hike. 18. RV Camping If you’re heading out in an RV and want to keep on a budget, this blog will show you how to stretch a dollar when you’re on the road. If you’re in the market for a new RV, it also showcases top-of-the-line models and more affordable functional campers. 19. Frugal RV Travel This blog gives you a review of campsites throughout the South and Southwestern U.S. and also gives you tips on keeping RV travel and camping activities affordable. 20. RV with Tito Tito is the ultimate RV guide. While other blogs show you fun things to do on the road, Tito gives you essential knowledge like how to handle a tire blowout on your RV. Safety comes first and this site gives you lessons in how to deal with a disaster while traveling. 21. Dang RV This fantastic blog talks about how to find short-term jobs while RV-ing your way across America and offers delicious recipes for things like chicken alfredo! Who said you’d be stuck eating beans from a can? 22. Gypsy Journal This blogger lives his life on the road. Read his stories and exploits and pick up tips for making your RV traveling all the easier. 23. The Rally This is the online home of the biggest RV rally in the United States. Lifelong RV-ers and their families join together to share stories and RV-traveling tips. 24. Monty’s Musings RV For families traveling around the U.S. or single friends who are looking to meet new people, this blog tracks RV events going on throughout the country. It also sites which places are most kid-friendly. 25. Mac and Chris These full-time RV-ers share their stories from traveling in a camper and quirky observations that only those who travel so often could notice. There are also extensive reviews of places the bloggers have visited. 26. Texas RV Travel This site follows RV traveling throughout Texas. It gives RV-ers ideas of places to visit when it comes to parks and campgrounds and also posts upcoming events in major cities. 27. RV-ing Planet Need help on how to choose a campground that will suit your family or travel party? Learn about the things you need to look for in a good campground like an approachable, helpful staff and wifi access for looking up directions for your next escapade. 28. Your RV Lifestyle Blog This site serves as a feed for various RV stories from around the web. Learn whether a new or used RV is right for you and making RV-ing your lifestyle while making the transition from a”normal” lifestyle. 29. RV Resources This site leads you to blogs that can help your RV travels with tips on cooking, finding the right campgrounds and making your trip smooth, even when someone gets sick or you end up lost.
Camping Discussion Boards If you’ve never been camping or want to go hardcore and learn how to build a fire for the first time, these messageboards will show you the ropes.
    30. Camping Forums See family photos from various campsites and get recommendations for traveling to parks in your neck of the woods . 31. Outdoor Base Camp This forum is especially great to visit when you’re in the market for a new camper or pop-up tent, since it has reviews from real people for many models on the market. 32. Nature Forums – Camping This messageboard has tips on how to camp when you have a baby along for the ride and a look at some of the best battery-powered products to take camping.. 33. Camping Chatter Discuss gear, campgrounds throughout the country and get new recipes for chili and other items that are easy to cook while camping. 34. Survivalist Boards Learn how to layer your clothing when camping in harsh conditions and get tips on multi-use products that can be put to work while roughing it. 35. Camper Community Here, members share their recipes (including a yummy tilapia recipe you’ll want to make at home too) and tricks to make your camping travels go smoothly. There’s aslo an area for the”best of” camper spots in the U.S. 36. Camping Forums This messageboard shares ideas on what to do with food at night when you’re camping without an RV and how to teach your kids to be safe when camping. 37. SoCal Campers For anyone camping in Southern California, this site has discussions on various beaches and trails you can explore while on the road. 38. ABCs of Hiking This messageboard talks about essential equipment needed for a safe camping trip and shows you how to get in the groove of hiking and exploring when camping, if you’re a newbie to the activity. 39. Forest Camping Forum At this site, members talk about camping national parks. It has interesting discussions such as finding a tent that works in all seasons and finding campgrounds close to major cities such as LA.
More Blogs and Articles on Camping and RV Lifestyle Check out these blogs and articles on camping to get you started on your journey into the great outdoors.
    40. RV Basics If you’re contemplating getting an RV, make this site your first stop to learn about the costs of upkeep for a camper. You can also buy or sell used campers at this site for a fee. 41. RV Lifestyle This blog is aimed at anyone who wants to make RV travel their full-time gig, especially those on the verge of retiring. Learn about the basics, how to get healthy insurance and working and volunteering while on the road. 42. Blessings for Life – Tent Camping This article on tent camping shows you the basics of how to prep for a camping trip with younger kids. Remember you don’t have to have everything (like a sleeping bag for each kid) in order to go on an affordable adventure outdoors. 43. Campgrounds Checklist If you’re new to the world of camping, print out this checklist when packing things up. When you’re in the wilderness, there’s no telling when you’ll need an extra dish rag or set of pajamas for one of the kids. 44. Love the Outdoors – Camping Checklist This checklist outlines the essentials for any camping trip. It includes items like a jug of water and ice bucket, as well as an axe or hammer. 45. Practical Manliness – 44 Essential Items for Every Car Camping Trip If you’re traveling in a camper, it’s best to check out this list of must-haves for any trip. This list includes rope, matches and plenty of water. 46. Wired – 5 Camping Essentials for the Soft City Dweller If you’re a city slicker who’s headed out to the forest for the first time in ages, this article gives you the skinny on what you should take along for the ride. It includes multi-use and functional essentials that should be on everyone’s list. 47. Traveling RVWX RV-ers and campers should check out this site before heading out to get a look at the weather in their area. If you’re planning ahead for traveling the next few days, it also gives you forecasts so you can do your driving accordingly. 48. RV Talk Live This messageboard has plenty of tips on how to troubleshoot RV issues when traveling. It also discusses how to work with harsh road conditions and gives you the scoop on the best gadgets for keeping in touch with family and loved ones when on the road. 49. Romantic Camping If you think the only want to strike up romance is with a fancy-pants vacation, think again. Camping can bring two love birds together just as easily as a boutique hotel. Learn the essentials you need to make your camping adventures a steamy affair. 50. Happy Camping Blog This personal blog of a family who loves camping will show you how to get your own family excited about going outdoors for a weekend. The blogger also reviews campgrounds so you can get an idea of these places before you visit.
Camping can be a great family activity and best of all, it’s affordable! Do research before planning your trip and you’ll realize there are plenty of national parks and campgrounds nearby for exploring. For kids who are glued to their video game console the majority of the year, camping is a way for them to get to know nature and let their imaginations run wild with endless baseball games and roasting s’mores under the stars.