how to do online school

Here we will discuss the simple steps on how to do online school. 


Step 1. Great Internet connection:

How do online school or business you will need a reliable internet connection, this may sound basic but it is vital for any online business. With out a good source of internet connection it will be nearly impossible to manage an online school or business.



Step 2. Invest in a good computer: 

This another important factor to creating an online school or business. Some of you may not understand the different aspects of a computer such as rams, storage space, screen resolution etc. Just remember that all computers are not created equal so be sure to do your research before purchasing a computer. for more info on this you can always ask a sells associate about the different types of computers. I know how expensive it could be, but like any business you will have to invest. I provide links to a few sites you can check out:



I personally like macs so if your looking to get one and your on a budget the best site to check is



Not the biggest fan of PCs but they are also cost effective you can check



If you want something a little more compact but still need the same computing power i would recommend 



Step 3. Use Yo!Learn to create your online school or business

If your looking for the perfect site to use to create your online school or business, then you are in the right place. We have developed the easiest and fastest way for anyone to create and set-up their online school or business.