HOW to create test/ quiz

The quiz builder helps you create interactive and innovative materials for students. To get started, from the course builder Follow the below steps:

For Existing Quizzes

If you’ve already created a quiz:

  1. Navigate to My Dashboard > QUIZZES ( within the course Management section)
  2. Click the edit icon over an existing quiz
  3. Click the “Builder” link

Create a new Quiz

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > QUIZZES
  2. Click the “Add New” button at the top of the page
  3. Click the “Builder” tab in the top navigation bar

This section is used to define the title and content of the quiz.

You’ll be redirected to the quiz creation page.

Quiz Title

Give a concise and meaningful title to this quiz.

Quiz Content

This means you should provide a brief description to inform students about the content and purpose of the quiz. It helps them understand what the quiz covers and why they are taking it, providing context and clarity before they begin.

Quiz Builder

This Quiz builder helps to drop the questions. You can also rearrange the questions.

If you’ve already created a quiz:

  1. Navigate to My Dashboard > QUIZZES (In the Course Managent Section)
  2. Hover over an existing quiz
  3. Click the “Builder” link

Alternatively, you can click on the quiz title or “Edit” link to bring up the “Edit Quiz” page. Once there, click the “Builder” tab in the top navigation bar.


This section is responsible for Quiz Settings.

Associated Course

You can associate a quiz to a specific course from this setting. The quiz will reflect on that course’s Builder.

Associated Lesson

In addition to associating the quiz to a course with the above options, you can also associate the quiz to a lesson or topic. The quiz will reflect on the course’s Builder.

Passing Score

The passing score represents the score, as a percentage, that the user must attain before the quiz is considered complete. This will prevent the user from moving forward in the course until they have passed the quiz.

This must be a number between 0 and 100.

Quiz Certificate

If you’d like to award the user a certificate for this quiz, you may choose a certificate here.

Restrict Quiz retake

Here you can control the number of quiz retakes that a user can have. Leave this setting disabled to allow unlimited retakes.

Retries Applicable to

apply restrictions according to the user roles.

Question Completion

Restrict users from completing all the questions.

Quiz Material

Quiz materials are supplemental materials that you want to provide for the quiz. It is most common to include PDF files or other downloadable files in this area, but you can include anything you’d like (PDFs, images, downloadable audio files, links to other websites, etc.).

Question display

Set the number of questions you want to display at a time.

Custom Question Ordering

Set custom question ordering

Additional Question Option

This option has an additional feature for the quiz.

Randomized Answer: Enable this setting to show the random options every time students take this quiz.

Leader Board

The quiz leaderboard provides a way for you to display user’s scores to everyone who takes a quiz. Users can see where they stack up against one another, and ideally, they’ll feel more inclined to excel at the quiz and see their name atop the leaderboard. Same as default