how to make question in the quiz/test

Once you have created the quizzes, It’s time to assign the questions to these quizzes. The Learndash Dashboard quiz builder comes with 8 familiar question types to test out the students’ knowledge of the topics and lessons you have created.

To get started with the questions, Navigate to Learndash MY Dashboard >> Questions within the Course Management section.

Click Add A New Question Button if you want to create a new question or edit the previously created question.

Question Settings

You’ll be redirected to the Question Creation Page.

Question Title

Give a precise and meaningful title to your question.

Question Content

Give a brief overview of the question, So that your students can understand it properly.

Answer Type

Select the answer type. 8 types of answers are available here.

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free choice
  • Sorting Choice
  • matrix Sorting Choice
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Assessment
  • Open Answer/ Essay

Question Settings


Set the points that the user will get on the correct answer to this question.

Points Type

Set the different points for a different answer

Message With Correct Answer

Set the message for the correct answer. Students will get this message on the correct answer.

Message With Incorrect Answer

Set the message for the incorrect answer. Students will get this message on the incorrect answer.


Allow if you want to enable the hint for this question.

Hint Content

Set the hint content

Associated Quiz

Associate this question to a quiz.