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Tailoring Your Website with Customization Features

We know how important site branding is, our platform allows you to personalize your store and seamlessly add your logo so your branding reflects what you want your customers see.

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personalizing your website has never been easier

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01  customize URL 

create original url to correspond with your branding 

02  custmize logo

Add your logo to reflect your brand

03  customize header

 Customize your header by adding your own text, images, and colors to make it unique to your brand.

04  contact us

seemlessly receive messages to you emails from your customers With our automatic contact page setup. 

05  terms and conditions

Create your own terms and conditions for your customers.

06 about us page

Tell you customers who you are with your own about us page.

07 product page

customize the amount of products you want your customers to see.

08 add school open &close time

Create your own schedule so customers know your hours of operation

09 add vacation time

Let customers know when your on vacation and when you will return



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Share your photo , video, documents & comments

02   Friend request

Send friends request & message’s to any member more

03  share

Share your photo , video, documents & comments

04   Follow

Send friends request & message’s to any member more

06  add story

Add story’s to your profile page.

05  message

Send messages to students & Instructors  

07  create COMMUNITY

Create group & community’s. You can add  photo and video, documment, zoom lesson.zoom lesson will be auto saved and create archive.

05  add forum

Add your question or opinion and start 

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